Grass Roots Open Writers

GROW Rules

(A Code of Conduct for GROW Groups)

1.  Respect, Appreciate, Value and Encourage all our members and their work.

2. All GROW meetings, workshops, activities and events are open to any member who wishes to attend, and who agrees to abide by the GROW rules.

3. Do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of race, religion or belief, culture, social or economic status, age, disability, appearance, gender or sexual orientation.

4.  Do not make prejudiced remarks or tell rude or inappropriate jokes.

5.  Do not swear or use rude or coarse language. Do not talk about inappropriate subjects in the group.

6. Do not monopolize the group discussions.  Help the Group Leader to give everyone an equal chance to talk.

7. Think carefully before reading out your work. Could anyone be offended, hurt or embarrassed by what you have written?  If you are unsure please check with the Group Leader first.

8. Do not take more than your fair share of the reading time.  Help the Group Leader to give everyone an equal chance to read.

9. Listen carefully when other members are reading out their work.

10. Be polite, patient and kind. Make sure your feedback is positive.

11. Always try to be aware of other member's needs and vulnerabilities.

12. Speak slowly and clearly. Do not cover your mouth while talking or reading.

13. Keep bags and walking aids in a safe place, where they won't trip anyone up.

14. If you have a problem within the group, please tell the Group Leader about it straight away. We will do our best to resolve any issues that may arise.

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