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All GROW members may have
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Author Profile Submission Form

What is an Author Profile?

An Author Profile is a way of introducing yourself and telling people about your writing and your achievements. 

Your Author Profile will be visible to everyone who visits our website so only submit information that you are happy for the whole world to see. 

How to Write an Author Profile

1. Introduce Yourself

The author profile should start with introduction of yourself. It may contain something personal about you or things that you are passionate about like your hobbies, interests, or simply the town where you live. You can describe your work or any new projects you are working on.

2. Keep It Short & Meaningful

The Author Profile should always be short, somewhere between 60-80 words.

3. Links

You can include links to your website, blog, twitter or facebook pages.

4. Your Contact Information

The contact information should appear at the end of the Author Profile.
You can use your Twitter, Facebook or email address as your contact information.  Stay safe - do not include your phone number or home address.

5. What Else Could I Include?

  • A photograph of yourself
  • Your book cover(s)

Videos (YouTube)
  • Reading or performing your work
  • Introducing yourself

Work Published
  • A list of the books & magazines you have been published in.


Do you need a bit more help? 
You can read lots of Author Profiles on the
WriteOutLoud 'profiles' page.

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