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I really don't know where to begin! But begin I must.

One day when I woke - the room was dark, but no matter how I shut my eyes and opened them various times - it was obvious I had a man laying beside me. It frightened me as there was no way this could be. When I tried it again, there was no change, except he had a green cap on - and was tiny - and glaring into my eyes - I yelled so loud. I grabbed for my light - put it on - and the room was void except for me and furniture. I raised myself up - went to make a cup of tea. It was about 4 am - but I could sense a coldness surrounding me in the bedroom. I had always wanted a leprechaun, ever since I was old enough to realize they were the lucky men from Eire, where my mother came from. Maybe mum sent him to me I thought, after all - I was told bereavement hits you in so many ways. I went back to bed after the refreshing tea. Before I knew it, it was time for another day. I went to put the kettle on again - then found my pen.

(C) 3.11.08 Josie Lawson All Rights Reserved


Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever had a supernatural experience? 

Well I have been having a few lately in my flat; the incidents mainly involve objects disappearing and reappearing several weeks later in an unlikely place. I shall not bore you, Dear Reader, with every case, but describe the two where I have solid evidence of the occurrence.  

Firstly, I should describe the layout, it is a one bedroomed ground floor flat purpose built in 1971, the front door opens directly into a disproportionately large hallway which is my office and contains my desk and computer.

Immediately to the right is the door to the lounge which is twelve foot square, next to it, and also on the right is the kitchen door then the door to the bedroom. At the end is the bathroom door.

The first instance that I shall describe involves a pair of small model identical dogs. The lounge has no fireplace, but there is a free standing mantle and fire unit against the far wall; one day, whilst dusting, I dropped one of these dogs and it fell down behind a drawer chest which was immediately to the left of the mantle unit. At that time I couldn't be bothered to move the unit but later in the day dragged it away from the wall only to find that there was no trace of the model dog.

About four weeks later, when I was dusting, I moved the reproduction coal fire effect electric heater which was on the mantle unit and found the dog lying there!

There was no way that it could have rolled there when I dropped it as the front of the mantle unit is comprised of a raised platform, and in any case, I had dusted under the fire several times during the intervening period. Also I had distinctly seen it fall down behind the drawer unit I noticed that there was a pimple on the base of the model which had not been there before the disappearance.

The second instance I want to relate involves a table lamp. It is one of the small twelve volt mains operated type with the transformer in a domed base, the lamp unit is on two telescopic arms and comprises a hemispherical housing containing a small twenty watt bulb covered by a circular piece of heat resistant glass about one eighth of an inch thick, two and a half inches in diameter with a straight edge on one side.

The bulb failed, and as I was in the process of removing the glass, this being secured by two swivelling clips retained by screws, it slipped out of my fingers, bounced off the top of my leg and I heard it land on the carpet. Anxious not to drop the screws as well, I made no effort to pick up the glass at that precise moment; when I finally went to retrieve the glass, there was no sign of it! I searched all round but to no avail - it had completely disappeared.

I put the lamp away and got an ordinary reading lamp which was in the lounge and basically forgot about the other until I saw a replacement bulb in Tescos. I fitted the new bulb and began using the lamp minus the glass; imagine my surprise when, the following morning, there was the missing glass lying on the lounge carpet near the door and in a place over which I had hoovered several times.  Furthermore, the position in which it was lying was opposite the window and the light would have been reflected from the glass into the hall. There is no way that it could have lain there for three weeks without having been noticed, and I think it is more than coincidence that it should reappear when I needed to use it.

In addition, a small assortment of nuts and screws had appeared on the carpet around my desk some years ago over a period of about a fortnight. This comprised two nuts, about half inch diameter, one set-screw, quarter inch diameter and one self tapping screw about one inch long.

The only mechanical device in the hallway would have been the cleaner, and if fittings of this size had fallen off, well it would have soon become obvious.

My theory is this, there exists universes having a greater number of dimensions that our three, and the flat just happens to on a weak spot of the membrane (for want of a better word) separating us with the fourth dimension.

I have friends who have passed away and I really believe that either they are having a joke with me or are trying to tell me something, what this might be I know not.

There is one more case of this nature which did not happen in the flat, but it is interesting as it involves a psychic environment. My last girlfriend, Maureen, was disabled with many health problems, so I decided to treat her to a visit to a psychic surgeon who practised in Chelmsford, Essex.

On the morning we left for Chelmsford, I locked Maureen's front door. Her key was of the Yale type on a split ring with a circular plastic token. I handed her the key and witnessed her putting it into a purse which was one of those tight ones made of denim with a zip.

During her session at Chelmsford, I sat in the room with her handbag, into which she had placed the purse, under my chair. Upon returning home, Maureen asked me to open the front door as we had stopped for some shopping on the way back and she was going to get it out of the car. When I unzipped the little purse (which didn't contain any money by the way) I found that the key and token had become removed from the ring, and furthermore, the token would not go back on the ring as the ring had expanded so as to make this impossible.

Now there is no way that this could have happened by accident whilst in the purse, at all times Maureen's handbag was either in her or my possession. It looks again as if the key had somehow passed into the fourth dimension where, in theory, it would have become separated - but
to what end I cannot imagine.  

(C)  Henry Dallimore

Spooky Part 2

Well it looks like my supernatural friends have followed me across The Pond. Another trick with an ornament has taken place.

This time it is a little plastic cat model, about the same size as the dog which disappeared in the last incident. It was on top of a chest of drawers along with other nick-nacks. Again whilst dusting, about a week ago, I dropped the ornament, heard it land on the carpet and this time made the effort to retrieve it immediately. But it had completely disappeared, it was not on the carpet nor under the drawer unit.

However, I knew it would be sent back and yesterday morning I went to get a tee shirt from a drawer and there it was lying on top!! I had been to that drawer several times recently and it was definitely closed when I was dusting the top of the unit. I only wish I knew what they are trying to tell me.  

(C)  Henry Dallimore



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