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In Loving Memory

Frank Burnham

For Frank

Three seasons he was
Spring, Summer, Autumn; but nay
as bleak as Winter.

Jan Hedger


We all miss you.  Wish you were still here, but you can't be.  You will always be remembered with your drawings, colouring and pictures.

Theresa Taylor


I came back to our GROW group on Wednesday.  The first thing I thought of was how strange it was without Frank.  Thinking of what he used to fetch to our group, biscuits or delicious cakes.

Most of the time he used to go to charity shops.  If he saw anything with a Welsh picture on he would get it for me, like for instance a purse, a love spoon and a brooch.  When I went to bing, he would wait for me and take me back to my block to make sure I got home safe.  He was a real gentleman.  He used to make baskets of artificial flowers.  I used to get some for Maureen for Mother's Day.  His drawing and poetry was great.  I remember when he made a collage for the Queen's Golden Jubilee, for the Roosevelt Court dining room.  It was fantastic.  He was like a famous artist.  He will be long missed and our thoughts will always be with him.  God bless him.  At least he is at peace and not in pain.  

Rest in peace, Frank, God Bless, Love and Light,

Maria Gethin


Today we sat around the table at Roosevelt Court, with our crayons and coloured pencils.  I kept looking towards the door, half expecting you to walk in, with you latest objet d'art or curiousity to show us all.  We will miss your cheeky smile and mischevious sense of humour.  The sudden furtive look and lowered tone as you sharesome juicy piece of gossip.  The tin foil wrapped piece of meat for me to bring home to our Dolly.  

You were a man who always seemed to be on the way to the next thing.  I'm not stopping long, you'd say.  I'm going shopping with my son or off to some other social engagement.and then you'd be off until the folllowing week, by which time you would have some new thing to show or tell us.

You packed a lot into your days - busy running errands for other people, offering a quiet word of encouragement or sharing a joke.  You gave your smiles freely, but kept your troubles to yourself, never dwelling on your problems or worries.  There was a great wisdom in saying little, learning much, which  meant that you ALWAYS knew what was going on.  I will miss your reminders, the notes and the funny clippings you often used to bring in for me.

You made a huge inpact on our group and GROW just won't be the same without you.

Ashley Jordan


We will miss your talent, kindness, wit and good humoured nature.

With love,

Stephen Taylor


I lit a candle
I miss you even though we divorced
I sometimes wonder what went wrong
But in the end we became strong
and now you're in heaven, your family still lives on
and in our hearts you will always belong
When we met, you lifted me from the depths
So with this candle I lit for you
I am glad I took that photograph when I did
It was on that day 30th September 2009
You had your favourite blue sweater on
I will always remember your softness of our romance
I said goodbye in the Chapel of Rest...I still see you there
But we all knew you had already gone to your final resting place
You are still within our hearts....
You went on 20th November 2009 - a shock although expected
You knew I had just had brain surgery (pituitary tumour)
and I knew you had your health problems too...
I didn't expect you to go so soon...
But I'm glad we began to help each other again...
I still have your texts you sent thanking me for my help
and offering to take me to dinner last November 2009 -
But I went alone with you in my heart...
I felt sad and bewildered....
Our family stay strong together...
and our son is the miracle we made in love....
R.I.P...and I will move on now...
but you will always be there
in the angel world of love -
even though we divorced....

(c) Josie Lawson (Micks ex-wife)

In tribute to Frederick G.W.V. West 1945-2009

Terry Sorby Tribute
12th June 2009

Lifting the Spirits of the Worlds most high
A friend to the earth was taken away
I knew this man for many a year
I only found out today, that he died yesterday
A writer like me, well proportioned on earth
I couldn't see him in hospital, as myself was also
But on my return, I am glad I spoke with the nurse
She said she'd say hello - I then sent my card
Strange how life lives - I'm glad I knew him
He helped me in more ways, others will never know
God Bless him, and condolences to his family
Take care all of you, as this I am sure, would have
been his wish for you.
He was a good writer -
I know he loved his family
and I am sure his heart will remain within theirs
and be a guardian angel always for all his grandchildren
Terry Sorby, you were well loved by all
That I can only say - I am sure  

©12.6.09 JOSIE LAWSON All Rights Reserved



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