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Poetry Form - Espinela


Clap the clastanettes, clipity clop
Past the music, sharing the tune
October Autumn, leaves so soon
It is my past, clipity clop

Chatter, the clastanettes clop
As my thoughts, fly through sky to ground
Love of music, it is a sound
The charm of childhood, rhymes with heart
Leaves of brown, the hurricane starts
The Winter Dream finds our town

©2009 Josie Lawson
All Rights Reserved


This Time

It's often prayed 'this time, this time'

I have found the one, my soul mate

He spoke marriage on our first date

Is he just handing me a line

He says he loves me, please be mine

It is said oh so sincerely

With practise 'love words' sound truly

Is he being frank and earnest

I need this man to be honest

Will he throw me away, this time

(c) Maggie Crouch


Caught in Flamenco

She danced around the olive trees

In hot and fiery Spanish mood

Dark, fluid, seductively lewd

For man, strumming guitar on knee.

Beyond the town where no-one sees

Without distraction to encroach

Her drive for dance beyond reproach

Her yearning for him as intense

For nothing else could recompense

Raven haired beauty; that he'd woke.


(c) Jan Hedger



The First Time

Four booted feet kick autumn leaves

Two hands tucked into each other

Sun breaks through unbroken cover

Alighting lovers, thick as thieves.

Around her waist, his arm he weaves

His kiss as hot as summer fire

Her passion eager and entire

He pulled her to the cushioned floor

His body craving so much more

As two they loved and crossed the wire.


(c) Jan Hedger 

Living Well

To use the talents that I've got

And share the gift of words I love

Live abundantly, there's enough

Throw myself in the melting pot

Always try to give my best shot

Remember that I'm Heaven sent

To give people encouragement

My mission is to help, not harm

Transforming anger into calm

My energy must be well-spent

(c) Ashley Jordan



Soul Mate

When we first talked, it was so sweet

We shared the stories of our past

Our thoughts and feelings were unmasked

It was our destiny to meet

Each conversation was a treat

As broad and deep as the ocean

Set the wheels of love in motion

A blend of wisdom, wit and charm

Was to my stubborn heart a balm

To my mind a healing potion

(c) Ashley Jordan



Job Hunt

Applied online but they did cheat

Processed fast, I soon came last

If I had lied I would have passed

An application in defeat

My inflamed, indignant heat

Toyed with very angry notion

To set bad language in motion

Felt as if I had been harmed

Was not feeling as if charmed

Shaking with venomous emotion

Antony May




I am so octosyllabic

My friends, these are no silly balls

But brilliant words, well chosen all

Rhyming cleverly, that's the trick

Have you noticed the constant tick?

Like each line is like the last one

So, can you see what must be done?

Be original, yet the same

Yeah, that's the way to play this game!

Go with the flow and have some fun.

(c) Robert Brandon



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