Grass Roots Open Writers

Poetry Form - Huitain


A person running up the hill

The river flows down deep below

His breath steams in the early chill

Then two others want to follow

Wait there to meet at the hollow

They can all roll down together

Shall we all meet again tomorrow?

We have these memories forever.

(c) Jan Humphreys




Octoplasmic lines for you now

You thought I couldn't get better, but

I will dissect my words anyhow

I can see you love whatever I put

'Tis all clean stuff for you - no smut

Lots of eightness, lots of greatness

No chance here of being in a rut

Onward, outward, with much finesse

(c) Robert Brandon


November the 5th

The fireman gave the signal

For Guy Fawkes to be ignited

Hoisted on chair, so classical

Chestnuts eaten as they roasted

The huge bonfire snapped and crackled

Children skipped and danced round the flames

They ate baked spuds that were cindered

Parents kept vigil on their games.

(c) Maggie Crouch



More than one Sunday

A November day of tribute

Paying homage, remembering

Peaked caps, berets, hands in salute

Veterans marching to bands playing

Then silence; no noise invading

Till guns fire and a bugle sounds

Commencement of, the wreath laying

Respecting the dead knows no bounds

(c) Jan Hedger

It's Pudsey!

Pledge your cash via Radio 2

Children in Need, on the tele

Phone donations from me and you

Bathe in custard, chuck a welly

Race to eat platefuls of jelly

Don a daft costume, sing and dance

High jinks in aid of charity

Giving our kids a fighting chance!

(c) Jan Hedger 

TheFED MiniFest


How good it is to hear the words

Of people who don't often speak

Whose thoughts are very rarely heard

The ones who in the background creep

To find the star within the meek

Raise self-esteem with our applause

Cause confidence to grow and peak

And carry on our noble cause.


(c) Ashley Jordan



Look there, behold a lovely girl

I hope she will come over here

Maybe we will twirl and whirl

And hold each other oh so near

Gliding gracefully on the pier

My beloved sweetheart and me

Shall dance forever without a tear

Two become one, from me to we


(c) Antony May


Remember, remember

Dancing lights sparkle in the black

Making patterns of pure white light

Keep well away from Jumping Jack

Rockets fly in projected flight

Catherine spins with all her might

Roman Candles burn orange flame

Symbols of a November night

Celebrating in Guy Fawkes name


(c) Jan Hedger



Soldiers of the Popular Army

Defeated, shattered, broken, worn

Fleeing fast from mass persecution

From ravaged land where they were born

Fearful of death by retribution

A Nationalist execution

Into hiding in neutral France

Depleted of ammunition

Captives; in the German advance


(c) Jan Hedger



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